Steel smelters develop large quantities of smoke during loading and spillage, whereas during casting the phenomenon is attenuated.
To ensure aspiration that is as efficient as possible and minimises encumbrance for operators, we have designed arms/hoods with pneumatic/electric operation, automatically manageable from the kiln by means of customised software.
High operating temperatures require the use of suitable materials and special parts, such as expansion joints and sliding rollers.
If required, pre-treatment is carried out using cyclones or spark extinction chambers which consists of a parallelepipedon fitted with a special, labyrinth-shaped metal sheet. Low head loss means enhanced energy savings for the plant.
Pulse jet bag filters with longitudinal entrance chamber are used to purify fine substances. These filters are fitted with a special wall which divides the chamber, designed as a result of in-depth research carried out by our technicians using special software to simulate the best aeraulic movements under operating conditions.
Filter bags are sized according to airflow and are made from teflon coated aramid felt and/or polyester.