Various furnace operating phases, including loading, casting, scorification and spillage, generate different fumes which are all managed by supervising the plant. Loading/scorification phases are definable as the most demanding as an enormous mass of hot fumes (potentially with traces of Hcl) exit the furnace at a very high speed, saturating the work environment in a very short time.
In response we have designed a special hood capable of instantly containing fumes and evacuating them in as little time as possible. The detail of this hood is fundamental for ensuring successful plant operation.
The casting phase generates far less fumes: even though temperatures are much higher, they are easily manageable for the system. In case of temperatures over 200°C an air/air heat exchanger is installed, the flow is then sent to a bag filter. Exchanger cooling air can be used to preheat a water battery, thus saving heat and relative general management costs.
For the melting of recycled materials, we assess the installation of an acid substance inertisation system by the injection of hydrated lime inside the collector and using the filter as a "reactor".
The installation of Atex certified parts is important, according to area,. as this guarantees aspiration plant safety.