Turning/ rectification/ CNC operations are characterised by the development of oily mists (emulsified oil or neat oil ) which tend to saturate equipment cabins.
Our solution involves creating a slight vacuum in the work and pollutant development area so that everything is sent to an initial in line decanter and a downstream Demister filter with different filtering stages, enabling the recovery of all decanted oil.
The regerenerability of 2 stages (metal panels and inertial separator) out of 3 (disposable), low head loss and easy maintenance make this a reliable and guaranteed filter for this specific sector. Efficient abatement by the inertial separator, thanks to the special conformation of its profile, is in the order of up to 95% for mists with a diameter >3 microns, whereas the polyester pockets are class F6 to F9.
The demister enables the filter to work in a vacuum, for enhanced centrifugal ventilator performance and duration.