Normal welding operations require localised aspiration whenever possible (arms, flexible, self-supporting with ogive channel), or environmental aspiration (hoods, towers), subject to feasibility and/or size constraints.
Equipment is connected to a main duct which sends the polluting flow to a suitable cartridge filtering system.
By examining cartridge filters, we have developed a technology based on the use of cellulose and nanofibre filtering medium. These circular or oval filters are positioned horizontally at a specific inclination, to enable pollutant decantation inside the collection hopper below.
Extremely efficient, compact and easy maintenance makes this filter ideal for these applications.
The bag filter option also remains valid, of course.
A low energy consumption centrifugal ventilator is sufficient for creating a suitable vacuum in aspiration equipment, by means of an expulsion smokestack fitted with sampling grasps (and access stairs with relative walkway), which emits the purified airflow into the atmosphere.
If small systems are required for single/ double workstations, we can install super compact wheel mounted filters, complete with aspirator and electrical panel.