Suction benches with "intelligent" and concentrated aspiration exclusively overcutting areas for optimal fume capturing results; the system is fully automatic and manages itself based on torch position. Systems may vary according to size and thickness of metal sheets being cut, as can be seen in photos here below.
Our solution consists of bank aspiration by means of electropneumatic exclusion valves. The flow is sent to a an extremely high efficiency cyclonic system, for the abatement of incandescent material. The successive pulse jet bag filter is sized according to crossing and ascent speed, guaranteeing the end result.
For the treatment of this particular pollutant O.M.A.R. developed a customised product with leading fabric companies, featuring different characteristics from classic standard bags available on the market. This customisation enables us to offer a qualitatively superior product which achieves very high abatement efficiency levels, as required in some cases by regulations in force.
Bag head loss is managed by a differential pressure switch complete with alarm signal which sounds upon reaching a pre-set limit.