Shake-out operations require the aspiration of enormous quantities of extremely fine particles which are captured by means of special cabins (closed or open, based on the case at hand).
In the case of open cabins, the installation of an air knife system with barrier effect is indispensable for limiting free sections, along with an aspiration system for capturing them. In technical jargon this is referred to as push and pull.
In both cases, filter sizing is based on pollutant characteristics and behaviour under variable temperature conditions. Pollutant ascent speed inside the filter is very low and the choice of filtering medium may include polyester/ polypropylene/ acrylic, based on operating conditions.
The filter is also fitted with an automatic discharge system by means of an archimedian screw and a rotary valve which conveys the educed pollutant to a big bag or a pneumatic conveyance line. A high efficiency ventilator, complete with inverter (to ensure energy saving during transmission), maintains a suitable in line vacuum. If sucked up flow temperature comes close to dew point, filter insulation should be considered, to protect bag and body from any acid condensation.