Wood processing machinery in the sawmill and packaging sector convey considerable quantities of material which in most cases is very humid.
Our proposal consists of connecting various suction spouts of operating machinery, establishing a high capture speed, to a main collector (with curves in AISI 304), which sends the flow to high performance cyclonic pre-abatement systems. Pre-abatement is fundamental as it considerably reduces the quantity of coarse and heavy powders which would otherwise be sent to the bag filter. The unloading of this material automatically feeds the sawmill storage room for recovery.
The Pulse Jet bag filter is sized according to very low ascent speed and fitted with a water-repellent filtering medium with a special external smoothing treatment.
The special structure of the PJ filter enables operation under a vacuum and consequently the use of "clean" air ventilators which offer higher performance due to the shape of fan blades, thus lowering electricity consumption compared to ventilators for "dirty" air.