Manual sandblasting/ shot-blasting and deburring work stations consist of semi-closed cabins, made according to actual work requirements and can also be fitted with panel doors fitted with pneumatic opening. Inside they are completed by suction walls for optimal aspiration and homogeneous flow distribution throughout the entire section.
In contrast, automatic sanders/shot-blasters only require the generation of a vacuum over operating machinery by means of an suction vent.
Based on case by case assessment, the sucked up pollutant is sent to a cyclonic "high performance" predecantation system, capable of removing the finest of particles, to prolong downstream filter duration. The cyclone entry grasp is made from hardox or similar material, capable of withstanding the considerable wear caused when pollutant comes into contact with material. Bag/cartridge filters are used to reduce pollutants and in the case of gouging they are fitted with special felts/fabrics (fibre blends and surface treatments).