Pressure Die-Casting generates considerable amounts of aerosols, deriving from detacher, used for mould lubrication, which comes into contact with walls at a high temperature, changes state and acquires high propagation ascent speed.
Pollutant is captured by specially sized hoods (and compliant with requirements), complete with monitored handling system to enable mould changing operations.
For some special  applications, hoods are fitted complete with a filtration system. Sucked up flow is conveyed to a main collector, installed at a 3% inclination and fitted with condensation discharge plenum fitted at critical points along the route. Multi-stage panel filters are used to reduce pollutant. The first is in preoriented metal wool which acts as a "grinder", whereas the second, made from extruded aluminium (inertial separator) has the capacity to guarantee good efficiency returns. If necessary, the third stage is completed with polyester microfibre pockets.
Low energy consumption, easy maintenance, low initial costs all make this plant solution particularly suitable for resolving detacher aerosol problems.