The cutting and surface processing of marble and granite prevents the installation of "localised" dust aspiration systems, therefore equipment needs to be specially designed according to applications and may include cabins or semi-open boxes fitted with suction walls with sloping sections.
Localised aspiration can be used for the handling of dust.
Various equipment is connected to a main duct, sized according to decreasing diameter and complete with inspection doors positioned at critical points along the process.
sucked up pollutant is sent to Pulse Jet bag filters with bag cleaning by means of compressed counter air blasts, managed by an economising control unit which manages air consumption based on actual filter requirements, whenever the filter's pre-set Δp value is exceeded.
Our extensive experience in this sector and fluidodynamic research has enabled us to fine tune a fundamental detail of the end part of the filtering medium, for excellent on field results.
Our system can achieve up to 99 % filtering efficiency for > 1 micron granulometry dusts.
A high performance centrifugal ventilator maintains a suitable in line vacuum whereas a smokestack and relative dust detection system (triboelectric system) monitors the emission of treated flow into the atmosphere.