Aspiration plants fitted for wood panel polishing are faced with very fine (in the order of a few microns in size) and potentially explosive powders.
Outlets of operating machinery are connected to a main collector, taking into account supplementary load loss due to the particular conformation of suction grasps inside machinery.
Flow is sent to a pulse jet filter sized according to a bag crossing speed pf <1.7 m/min, as shown by countless plants installed at the service of special applications. Anti-static polyester bags are used and may be teflon coated to increase filtering efficiency and facilitate the detachment of dust from the filtering medium.
In the case of plants for wood painting, the type of system we install depends on whether or not a post combustor is installed, as the latter accepts a maximum input dust concentration of < 2 mg/Nmc, compared to 10 mg/Nmc required by regulations for the emission of particles into the atmosphere.
Anti-static microfibre bags are installed together with a PTFE membrane, with very high capturing efficiency.