The selection of SUW requires the handling of material using conveyor belts, sorting drums, pneumatic conveyance...consequently a polluting flow is created, containing dusts and a mix of SUWs, which needs to be sucked up and purified.
Material is sorted both manually and automatically, with relative capturing systems and/or special shaped grasps. In addition to dust, we also suck up a part of malodorous substances insofar as a abatement is required for both.
Our solution for particles includes aeraulic pre-abatement systems followed up by high abatement efficiency and low electric absorption pulse jet bag filters. The “odorous” part is treated using a triple stage scrubber (acidic/basic/oxidative) made from plastic material, which guarantees compliance with olfactometric unit regulations.
The entire plant is managed by a supervision system which interconnects operating machinery with the aspiration plant, as set forth in the 4.0 Industry Plan.