Modern metal sheet processing machinery, irrespective of the type of material being processed (Fe, Al, AISI..), are all fitted with special suction grasps which converge in several upper and/or lower outlets which we connect.
Our predecantation systems, which may include high performance cyclones and/or labyrinth plenums, are indispensable for protecting the downstream Pulse Jet filter which guarantees compliance with dust smokestack emission regulatory limits.
Predecantation and the Pulse Jet filter are completed by an automatic continuous decanted dust off load system with respective hoppers.
Various plant details which make the difference are the result of our know how and experience in the sector, brought to you for the definitive resolution of various issues.
Assessment for Atex 2014/34/EU purposes is important and requires prevention, whenever possible and control of any explosions, for the protection of things/persons.