Volumetric reduction, sorting and handling of inert material are all operations which generate large quantities of dust which is directly sucked up from machinery at presses and mills, or using simple or double hoods in the case of conveyor belts and/or unloading onto vehicles.
All aspiration equipment is made in thick carbon steel sheet and curves are covered or made in AISI 304.
The main duct is fitted with inspection doors and supported by brackets/poles which can be secured onto existing structures/ the ground.
Sucked up flow is sent to a bag filter which is able to treat considerable airflows, complete with a predecantation chamber.
We use a needlepunched polyester as a filtering medium, a microfibre specially created for O.M.A.R., thanks to the company's cooperation with leading names in the fabric sector.
The end result is energy saving and enhanced filtration performance.
The filter is complete with automatic unloading via auger and rotary valve which pneumatically conveys material to a storage silo, normally positioned close by.