Aspiration for the PVC door and window sector is consolidated as it is similar to other sectors.
Outlets of operating machinery are connected to a main collector by means of slopes, complete with end flexible pipes.
The number and size of parts is set by the manufacturer of machinery.
All sucked up material is sent to a bag filter (anti-static and Atex certified), circular or modular, according to airflow.
Spout aspiration and minimum sustainable speed inside ducts has been perfected by our extensive on-field experience, with operation testing.
Compliance with the Atex 2014/34EU directive is indispensable with these kinds of particles.
Aspiration plants for electrical component processing consist of countless details which make all the difference on the end result.
Actual filtering occurs by means of a bag/ cartridge filter with a maximum resistance pressure at a vacuum suitable to the actual process at hand.
A high performance ventilator which operates with "clean air" is used and sometimes a "double compression stage" ventilator may be used.