Substances which develop during the recirculation-regeneration and cleaning of plastic mostly consist of dust combined with high concentrations of malodorous substances.
Aspiration occurs via hoods/ grasps, or simply by connecting machine outlets to a main duct which sends the flow to predecantation cyclone units.
Mindful of the potentially chemically aggressive nature of pollutants, all ducts are made in AISI 304/316 stainless steel. The flow is then sent to a Pulse Jet bag filter for fine dust abatement, complete with polypropylene bags and automatic off load.
A triple stage scrubber(acidic/basic/oxidative) is used to reduce odours, made from plastic material and sized according to the type and concentration of odour-generating substances. A supervision programme is entrusted with managing reagent substances used for neutralisation, along with relative Ph and Redox control systems. Only in the case of special requirements, the last stage involves the installation of a static active carbon tower (regenerable), which guarantees excellent absorption of all remaining substances.