The aspiration of plaster, lime and talcum powders deriving from cold processing of the handling of raw materials is carried out using capturing parts suitably designed according to pollutants.
Talcum powder in particular is characterised by an extremely low granulometry and is hygroscopic, meaning it requires specially sized, non-standard bag filters.
The filter is completed by a settling chamber, for better pollutant separation along the entire filtering surface.
As an example let us consider lime baking operations, the sucked up pollutant presents a temperature of approximately 230°C, so the entire system is sized based on this parameter.
Temperature management (avoiding dew point), management of transistors with direct fire burner and fibreglass bags with PTFE membrane are some of the features we have developed and take into account when designing systems.
The ventilator, under a frequency converter, modifies airflow based on actual client requirements.