Eyewear is truly this company's pride and joy, indeed we supply the most prestigious companies of our flagship sector, at an international level.
We do not limit ourselves to dust aspiration and abatement: we have also designed  systems for the recovery of extracted heat.
Specifically, aspiration is carried out with compact suction equipment, including arms and/or flexible self-carrying equipment, calibrated to achieve the best filtering effect and operator comfort. All equipment is completed by air flow regulation valves which enable the variation of single work station characteristics.
Sucked up flow is conveyed to a bag filter with anti-static and water-repellent treatment, complete with automatic off load systems via auger and rotary valve, both motorised.
To enable better flow distribution throughout the suction section, a specially designed settling chamber has been fitted , according to airflows.
The client's product analysis for Atex purposes (delivered to us by end clients as they are a legislative requirement), are used to install all necessary safety features to ensure compliance with the Atex directive in force.
The client's particular regard for energy saving meant that we proposed and installed an extracted heat recovery system using a cross flow air treatment system (air/air heat plate exchanger) and successive distribution of air in work environments.
In the case of special acoustic restrictions, O.M.A.R. designs and builds sound proofing cabins for machinery/ventilators and silencers for expulsion chambers.