Taking into account the most onerous operation, namely the aspiration of trim cuts, the connection of machinery outlets at the end of the line to a main collector is sufficient. Trim cuts inside ducts tend to build up and cause obstructions therefore volumetric reduction is required in close proximity to aforementioned system parts.
Our proposal consists of the installation of a special ventilator which is fitted with knives on the rotor, called a “paper tearer”.
All crushed material is sent to an aeraulic separator which decants larger pieces, normally into an underlying press. This system can be manually adjusted according to the characteristics of inbound material, simply by acting on an external leaver. Outbound flow from the separator consists of a simple paper/cardboard dust which is conveyed to a Pulse Jet large pitch bag filter to enable pollutant decantation in view of its main characteristic, very low specific weight.
Anti-explosion doors, overpressure relief valves, fire valves and temperature detectors are Ex certified and constitute an integral part of our system.