In this specific sector, aspiration is limited to capturing small amounts of dry dust which develops during the handling of non dangerous electric and electronic products.
There is particular focus on the characteristics of treated material insofar as it becomes electrostatically charged and is classified by 2014/34/EU as potentially explosive, class St 1.
The polluted flow is sent to a pulse jet bag filter with a fabric made from stainless steel filament with an anti-static effect to prevent the formation of electrostatic fields, so that material can decanter in the downstream hopper. The filter is complete with all Atex certified safety systems based on the area in which it is installed and is sized according to the concentration and granulometry of treated material.
Treated material is decanted in a downstream hopper containing an auger which conveys material towards a rotary valve and then inside a big bag.
Energy saving occurs due to an inverter managed by a differential in line pressure switch which instantaneously detects actual work requirements.