Aspiration from cooling tunnels is effective if the tunnel is sized correctly, considering the limitation of free sections and by ensuring they are easy to maintain/ inspect.
Our tunnel presents all these characteristics thanks to experience acquired over the years and continuous fine-tuning together with foundry operators.
Aspiration takes place by means of grasps fitted onto the tunnel roof and which send the flow to a bag filter system. With the treatment of very fine particles, particular care is required in the selection of felt, which needs to ensure high filtering efficiency as well as high permeability.
Treated fumes may contain malodorous substances deriving from contact between molten metal and the mould. In these cases we propose the installation of a single stage scrubber, complete with packing media and an automatic reagent reintegration system.
A centrifugal ventilator (or double in case of high airflow), energetically managed by means of a frequency variator, maintains adequate in line vacuum.