The regeneration of foundry silt occurs in a very high temperature kiln, followed by additional specific treatments (insufflated beds...) With reference to kiln aspiration, fumes exit at 500°C and are cooled using environment air/ exchangers, whereas remaining equipment presents temperatures of approximately 150°C. Polluted flow is sent to a predecantation cyclone or a flow inversion chamber, for the abatement of larger particles. In cascade a filter with heavyweight teflon coated aramid bags will ensure compliance with smokestack emission regulations.
In order to prevent unexpected rises in flow temperature (anomalies/ malfunctions...), we install an automatic system called Loop Temperature Control. Alternatively, if permitted by authorities, a filter by-pass is proposed to protect the filtering system.
A centrifugal fan complete with cooling blades maintains a suitable in line vacuum whereas a smokestack, complete with sampling points, emits purified air into the atmosphere.