Aspiration for the scrap metal/ car sector is divided into two categories:

-    dry filtering
-    wet filtering

The first category includes all dry dust generated by the grinding and handling of metals. They are sucked up by specially shaped  thick gaspers (sometimes made from anti-wear material), positioned almost directly above machinery.
The pre-abatement of sucked up material occurs by means of a high performance cyclone, also built taking into consideration the intense "wear" caused by pollutant.
In cascade we have a pulse jet filter with an acrylic filtering medium, which guarantees bag duration and efficiency.

The second category includes all those pollutants with high humidity levels (e.g. car grinding), so wet installation is required.  In this case a venturi variable throat scrubber is the filter of choice as it guarantees pollutant abatement (without being prone to obstruction), while also enabling the regulation of efficiency based on actual requirements/ processing carried out.

In both cases, these types of plants are managed by automatic supervision systems and remote teleassistance.