The main characteristic of glass dust, transported in an air mix, is without doubt the wear it causes when it comes into contact with metal tubes. Awareness of the aforementioned is key to designing plant functionality.
Aspiration occurs via specially conformed anti-wear steel (hardox) grips with a minimum thickness of 5 mm, along with curves "with interchangeable back".
The flow is sent to a pulse jet filter with an oversized tranquillisation chamber to pre-treat as much material as possible, before it is sent to bag filters. Particular attention goes into bag design, with the fitting of a double bottom and double end hood (lower part), for increased mechanical strength.
A blend of treated polyester was identified as the most suitable filtering medium during laboratory tests carried out by leading companies in the fabrics sector.
Our solution amply complies with limits set forth in Legislative Decree 152/06 as amended and guarantees good durability over time.