There are different systems for drying shavings and they develop two distinctive types of pollutant:
-    oily mist;
-    dust from oil cracking.

In the first case, oily mist is sent to a hydrofilter without packing media (which would result in obstruction) which exploits the action of water in special glasses to precipitate the sucked up pollution. The tank beneath needs to be emptied from deposited slurry.

In the second case, high temperatures generated by the dryer require the installation of an air/air heat exchanger and a successive flow pre-abatement system.
The cyclone we have proposed is the best solution for the decantation of coarse material, whereas the fine part is sent to a bag filter which is washed using compressed air impulses.
Anti-explosion doors, overpressure valves,  , cyclone off load/filter valves are all Atex certified, as required by regulations in force.