Colour and ink manufacturing plants process high explosion risk powders and therefore operate in compliance with strict work environment safety regulations, meaning that the aspiration plant needs to be developed in compliance with the 2014/34EU Atex directive. Aspiration is carried out directly by mixers using a false air intake that can be adjusted during testing.
Sucked up dust is conveyed along a main duct fitted with head/pressure/temperature detection systems and a bag filter with off line operation. This is necessary as inside the filter the pollutant tends to remain in suspension, due to its low specific weight. The off line filter is fitted with a section devoid of aspiration (rotation) to guarantee the decantation of sucked up material. Filter bags with water-repellent treatment enhance the detachment of treated material from the filtering surface, thus maintaining constant system load loss over long periods of time. The opening/closing of off line cells is managed by a specific control unit.
The filtering system is sized to convey any explosions to a specific area, using Ex certified bursting panels, so as to prevent damage to things and/or persons.
The explosion is guaranteed not to return inside the plant thanks to the fitting of a special overpressure relief valve which is automatically activated in case of counter-pressure from the filter. Two redundant ventilators prevent downtime and relative loss of earnings. All system equipment is interconnected with the plant network and can also be adjusted remotely using teleassistance.