The operation of pouring molten metal into a mould generates fumes which need to be conveyed away from the work area.
We propose a dual solution, according to the type of casting used.
For the first type, we build a grasp directly over the ladle, integrated with the handling chassis. Suitable aspiration throughout the entire casting procedure is ensured by connecting the grasp to an ogive with relative sliding carriage.
In the second case (fixed station) we install a suction hood above the ladle area along with a suction wall for the first metres. Based on the case at hand, the wall is supplied with a special hood with pneumatic or geared motor control, facilitating fume capture.
The sucked up flow, containing very fine granulometry fumes, is sent to a bag filter sized according to parameters set by B.A.T. and specifically, UNI Regulation 11304-1.