The processing of beams, flooring, tongue-and-groove planks and skirting boards generates powders of varying granulometry and average mass flow, as verified at countless plants we have installed.
Aspiration takes place using galvanised metal sheet grasps and a consequent main collector, sized according to the decreased diameter principle to guarantee minimum sustainable speed inside ducts. Everything is then sent to a Pulse Jet bag filter.  
With its continuous compressed air cleaning system, the filter simultaneously operates on a limited number of bags via an electronic programmer and aspires air saturated with dust, while also being cleaned at the same time. This ensures constant head loss and therefore greater efficiency over time as well as continuous aspiration, even in the case of high dust loads. Consequently, with pneumatically cleaned filers, filtering media can be used which provide extremely high levels of separation efficiency, up to 99.8%, if the filtering ratio is suitably selected.
A centrifugal reverse rotor blade ventilator maintains a suitable in line vacuum levels.
There is particular focus on the characteristics of treated material insofar as it becomes electrostatically charged and is classified by 2014/34/EU as potentially explosive, class St 1.