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O.M.A.R. offers and guarantees the best customised plant solution for every single client and environmental issue.

In-depth evaluation of the customer’s plant engineering requirements, the technical issues and the applicable solutions.

Thanks to the "Engineering” department, we use the most advanced CAD software to design complete, technologically and environmentally sustainable plants and plant engineering solutions, including turnkey options.

Products and components are manufactured in different plants, under the coordination of the head office which plans distribution according to product and sector specificities.

The identification and selection of materials and components, the use of advanced equipment and technologies, and the attention and care utilized during the construction phases are all essential for obtaining excellent plant engineering results.

Our staff’s expertise allow us to organize and monitor our material shipments all over the world, in order to ensure compliance with the methods and time frames agreed upon; our personnel’s high degree of specialization guarantees the proper installation of the plant’s machinery and components within the established time frames.

The commissioning and testing operations are carried out by our specialized technicians, who provide for the plant’s calibration and adjustment, the consignment of the technical documentation, and, whenever necessary, the training of the customer’s personnel for the system’s proper management.

Specially trained technicians provide our customers with prompt and responsive after-sales support, including spare parts replacements, and maintenance and emergency services.