Welding and thermal cutting generate high amounts of fumes and incandescent bodies (sparks) which need to be sucked up and filtered before being emitted into the atmosphere.
As stressed on several occasions, selecting the right capturing system is fundamental as it will determine a good end result.
In addition to classic aspiration systems, such as wall mounted arms, we have designed double hoods with adjustable vents, guaranteeing good equipment operation, use less air, resulting in lower energy consumption.
Our range of solutions for thermal cutting includes different types of benches. We always focus on delivering a product tailored to the end client's requirements.
Both operations discussed in this chapter require pre-abatement, either by cyclone or tranquillisation chamber, of any sparks and coarse particles, to protect the filter in cascade. The pulse jet filter may be a bag or cartridge filter, sized suitably for fine granulometry pollutant.