In this sector, the main source of pollutant is the handling of raw material and dry processing of pre-finished products.
In addition to capturing systems which are always fundamental for achieving good end results, the use of suitable construction materials of various components also requires careful consideration. Pollutants inside ducts cause wear and a considerable reduction in system duration.
Carbon, galvanised, Corten, anti-wear, AISI 304/316 steels are all materials which O.M.A.R. works with on a daily basis, selecting them as the most suitable option for its clients. Internal ceramic/cement/rubber coatings are also used for particularly onerous applications
Dry sucked up dusts are treated using bag / cartridge filters with counter current washing.
Asphalt production is characterised by different issues and the very humid pollutant is sent to regenerable panel filters or handled using wet systems such as scrubbers.