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The range of solutions for all pollution problems in the work environment or atmosphere have all been developed thanks to the extensive experience of O.M.A.R.


The products and components are the fruit of the technological advancements made over the years, which have been applied to the air extraction and filtration systems.

More RDF, less pollution.

09 Jun 2021

RDF is a combustible material obtained from the non-recyclable dry fraction of municipal solid waste and special non-hazardous waste (plastic, paper, textile fibers), which is bio stabilized, reduced and transformed into Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), used to power generating stations, waste-to-energy plants and cement factories.

The big challenge: plastics allied to the Green Economy

05 May 2021

In a green oriented vision, which looks to the future of the Earth and of the new generations, plastic is a rather controversial topic.


systems built throughout the world
million m3 of air purified each hour by our installations
kW of installed power
m2 filtering fabric applied to bag filters
Updated January 2020


Tecnologia e innovazione per un maggior risparmio energetico


What does it mean when a system is ATEX certified?


Energy saving in industrial air cleaning and filtration systems... it's about more than just being "green"