The website contains standard technological security systems to prevent the loss, any deliberate or accidental deletion of data, unauthorised access to or processing of said data which does not comply with declared purposes. This website uses cookies.

Cookies are strings of data/texts that are automatically sent by OMAR to the user's internet browser, memorised by the latter and then retransmitted to the website upon the successive visit, containing brief Internet browsing information useful for recognising the user when they visit the website again in the future. In addition to user authentication purposes, normally cookies are also used to monitor user sessions and for memorising preferences. Cookies are divided into the following types: technical, duration, third party cookies.

HTML cookies are one of the most well-known and widely used technologies used for the conservation of information in user computers. They are used for browsing to facilitate the user's access and use of websites and enable communication between user and provider.    
The user can request the full disabling or deletion of cookies by modifying the settings of their own browser. This may slow down or indeed altogether prevent access to the website.
The use of said cookies enables secure and efficient website use.
Technical cookies may also be used by the website to enable the collection of information in aggregate form on the number of users and how they visit the website, thus providing statistical information on audience use.


These are divided into temporary session cookies which are automatically deleted at the end of each browsing session.
Session cookies enable authenticated users access to and use of the portal's reserved area.


This category refers to third party cookies sent to the computer by other websites other than the one being visited. These are mostly profiling cookies used to identify online behaviour, understand interests and consequently customise targeted advertising action.
Omar uses third party cookies to ensure the correct operation of services we provide. If you require any information on these cookies and how to disable them, please access links in the following tables.
You can also access the website for further information on behavioural advertising and on how to disable or enable listed companies which work with website managers for the collection and use of information useful for targeted advertising purposes.
The characteristics of cookies used on the website are listed in the following table.



Purpose and type


Further information



First party technical

Session and persistent

A native PHP cookie which enables websites to memorise data on the state of serialisation Used to establish a user session and communicate data on status via temporary cookies, commonly referred to as session cookies. PHPSESSID cookies have no time limit and disappear when the client disconnects


Google Analytics







Third party analytical (

Session and persistent

Created and read by the web analysis service provided by Google Inc.
Specifically used to provide statistical, anonymous and aggregate data regarding browsing method on all website pages.

Google Analytics Privacy Policy:

Google Maps











Third-Part Cookies (

Session and persistent

Cookies issued by Google services used to improve the operation of our website, in this case the map of Google Maps. Our website does not have control over the way in which Google uses cookies it issues, in any case, said Cookies appear to contain information for memorising user preferences, measuring the number of users using the service and the way in which they do so.

Google Maps Privacy Policy:



Most browsers automatically accept cookies, normally however the user can modify settings to disable said functions. It is possible to block any kind of cookie, or accept to receive certain kinds while also disabling others. The "Options" or "Preferences" section in your browser menu enables you to receive cookies or receive a notification from the browser whenever they are activated. Alternatively, you can also consult the "Help" section in the tool bar present in most browsers.
You can also select your browser from the following list and follow instructions:
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You are reminded that the use of said cookies is disciplined by third party rules and users should read privacy information statements as well as instructions for managing or disabling said cookies.

The IT systems and software procedures used to power this website acquire some personal data which is transmitted to enable the use of Internet communication protocols. This information may result in the identification of the user, upon processing or association with data in the possession of third parties. Said data is used for the sole purpose of receiving anonymous statistical information on website use and to check for correct operation. Data is deleted immediately after processing. Said data could be used for establishing liability in the event of cyber crimes which damage the website:

Whenever the user sends anything to addresses listed on the website, the sender's address will be automatically acquired as well as personal data contained in the message.

The user is always free to provide personal data requested for the sending of information material. Failure to submit data may result in the user being unable to receive what they have requested.

Personal data is processed using automated instruments for the time that is strictly required, in order to achieve the purposes for which it was collected.


Information on the content, origin, exactness, integration, updating and the correction of data are accessible to the owner of said data. The latter may submit a special request to find out whether said information has been saved in website archives.
The user is also entitled to request the deletion, transformation to anonymous form or blocking of the data which is processed in breach of the law, and in any case to object to data processing for legitimate reasons.
Requests must be submitted via email, fax or post to addresses which are available on the website.


This document is published on the website as its privacy policy.
This document may be amended and/or updated.
Aforementioned information is compliant with all provisions in force.