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O.M.A.R. is a highly innovative and flexible company that ranks among the leading designers, manufacturers and installers of industrial air cleaning and filtration plants made entirely in Italy. The company's ITR Division also manufactures municipal solid waste treatment and selection plants, and ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling plants.

This artisan company first founded in 1978 and which has since evolved on an industrial scale, is structured and managed by Luca and Michele Biscaro, with its very own team of 75 specialised staff members integrated with external contractors, based on programmed work loads and schedules.
The company specializes in a wide range of industrial sectors, and boasts a highly qualified technical staff that's capable of providing customized plant solutions for specific environmental problems.
The company's products, which are made with choice components by leading brands, are the result of numerous years of technological development, and are designed to ensure compliance with the increasingly stringent environmental regulations.


for effective client management

carried out with the most advanced 2D and 3D CAD software systems

PRODUCTION of technologically advanced products and components and their construction, which requires utmost focus on details to achieve the best engineering result.

DELIVERY and INSTALLATION worldwide, complete with all the necessary technical documentation and training for the Client's personnel

COMMISSIONING, TESTING and AFTER-SALES SERVICE provided by specialized O.M.A.R. technicians The after-sales support service guarantees continuous assistance in terms of responsiveness, spare parts, maintenance, and emergency services.