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O.M.A.R. is in possession of the requisites required by UNI EN ISO 9001 certification and ISO 14001 certification, owns SOA OS14 certification for the participation at tenders for the execution of public works and is certified EN 1090.1, certification relating to metal structures, and EN 13084, certification relating to  free-standing chimneys production; a further step to offer a global service to customers and increasingly supply safe and performing machines and systems. A team attentive to the needs of the markets, possessing the skills necessary to offer quality, safety and all the documentation, calculations and certificates necessary to accompany the works, in full compliance with the regulations.

To download and view our certificates, click on the following links:

Download ISO Certification file »

Download SOA Certification file »

Download EN 1090.1 Certification file »

Download EN 13084 Certification file »

Download ISO 14001 Certification file »

Download the file concerning our quality policy »