Due to the considerable industrial growth that took place in Northern Italy during the 1960s and 70s, Mario Biscaro was able to sense the great market potential that would arise in the coming years for the extraction and filtration of the pollutants generated by industrial processes. This intuition, which led him to launch a business initiative of his own, eventually paid off, and his company was a resounding success.

The small business established by Mario in 1978 has now become a large industrial company with a staff of 75 specialists organized and managed by his sons, Luca and Michele. The company's top notch expertise has allowed it to expand its interests worldwide in the fields of industrial emissions purification, traditional dry and wet filtration, bio-filtration, and waste recycling.

O.M.A.R. is now a highly innovative and flexible industrial company that ranks among the leading designers, manufacturers, installers, and service providers of "Made in Italy" industrial plants designed to protect the environment.

Everyone knows that industrial processes are a source of pollution for our planet, and the international industrial emissions standards aimed at protecting mankind and the environment are becoming increasing stringent each year.

In order to ensure emission concentrations that fall within the established limits, it is necessary to adopt the use of plants and technologies designed to eliminate these pollutants with the lowest possible energy consumption.

O.M.A.R. has gained professional and technological experience that allows it to successfully operate in numerous industries, including steel, plastic, wood, paper, marble, textiles, mechanical engineering, waste processing, food production and metal casting, offering cutting-edge solutions for each industrial process.