Pneumatic transport


The pneumatic transport plants are realized in service of the strorage of  the debris materials at the filters' discharge or for the ensilage of dusty or granular materials usable for the production cycle.

Technical features

The pneumatic transport plants are realized in function of their employment.
For the transport of the materials they can be realized fans or pouring off pumps with liquid ring or at lobes and systems with compressed air with shooting systems.
The fans can be crossed (respecting the ATEX rule), operate in push or in depression after a filter and therefore not crossed.
The pumps with liquid ring or at lobes can never be crossed from the materials so they are used as blowers or after a filter.
The materials used for the realization of the pneumatic transport consider the type of material to transport, their abrasive property and the quantity, and of the path. On the basis of these parameters it is calculated the type of plant to be realized.



Loading of the container of wood chips deriving from sleeves filters. 
Loading of granules of plastic materials.
Ensilage of dusts deriving from the inerts milling.
Ensilage of raw materials in granules and powder form.
Transports of dusts, with pneumatic shot, for the loading of the raw materials on foundry.
Reclamation of the foundry sands.


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