Modular sleeves filters


The modular sleeves filter with cleaning of the same through compressed-air impulses is used for many applications in different working sectors thanks to its versatility.
Thanks to the fact of being modular, it is suitable for the possible revamping due to the increase of production and/or further development requests.
Thanks to its high filtering degree (up to 99,5%) it allows to treat the most different dusts, up to granulometries lower than 1 micron of diameter.
Automatic continuous discharge systems and further accessories accompany the filter. 

Technical features

The filters in question have to be considered as products dimensioned ad hoc for the final customer. From the constructive point of view, since it is realized with modular panels bolted among them (normally present in our warehouse), it allows short delivery times in order to satisfy all the customers needs.
Different transport systems, whether it is pre-assembled or totally disassembled, allow the delivery all over the world.
Proper safety systems against explosions, continuous dust detection systems, sensors for temperature detection and supervision of solenoid valves' management are available in case of explicit request.

Building materials

They are mostly fabricated with galvanized plate, but also applications with varnished carbon steel plate, Corten and AISI 304/316 has been realized.

Sectors of application

Wood / plastic / inert materials / waste recycling / mechanic processes / food / pharmaceutical
Dusts deriving from the following main processes:

  • Panels moulding lines
  • Panels working lines (squaring / polishing…)
  • Trunks sawing lines
  • Plastic frames working lines
  • Plastic moulds working lines
  • Lines for treatment and transport of inert materials on quarries
  • Lines for selection, treatment and transport of waste
  • Manual/robotized welding lines
  • Components smoothing/grinding lines


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